A Beach Baby’s Worship


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He is definitely a beach baby. Can’t help it. He gets it honest.

Tonight we went out onto the beach, he and I, just as the thick pink line around the horizon was beginning to shrink. It was the perfect time of day.

Fascinated by the ocean, much like I am, he didn’t blink as I held him on my hip and walked the short trip down the sand. He was mesmerized by the sight and sound of the waves. With excited squeals escaping his lips and legs kicking full force, he itched for that feeling on his toes from a few days ago. Finally those toes touched the water and he was able to just enjoy it for a while.

After a good showering of splashed water on both of us, we walked up to a dry spot of sand and I set him down in front of me, my legs encircling his. At first, he just looked at the sand in front of him. Then his feet started kicking. And they didn’t stop.

His rhythmic kicking started forming a cute little heart shape right there in front of us.

As he continued to kick his energy out, I sang I Love You Lord. Reminisced about a campfire 20 years ago when I first learned that song. It is now a theme song of my life… one that I sing in my head when bad thoughts come in.

I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice. To worship you. Oh my soul. Rejoice. Take joy my King in what you hear. May it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear…

May it be a sweet, sweet sight to your eyes…

May it be a sweet, sweet smell to your nose…

May my life be such that everything I think, say, and do looks like worship to you.

In the midst of my own worship moment, I looked down at Little Man and realized that he was worshiping too. Kicking those little feet against the sand was his way of saying thank you to God. I love your sand, God. I love your ocean, God. I love sitting here with my mommy, God. Thank you.

Worship is such a simple act. It’s not about what manner we choose to do it. It’s not about the songs we sing. Worship is our way of telling God thank you. Of showing him that we love him with all that is within us.

I’m pretty sure Little Man’s kicking was a sweet, sweet sight to His eyes.

So when the pink horizon shrank enough that it was just a spot disappearing behind the buildings, we got up and walked back to the condo. Leaving behind a cute little heart made by Little Man’s feet. Beach Baby’s worship offering to his King.

Thank you God for letting me see worship tonight through the eyes {and feet} of my baby boy.

15 thoughts on “A Beach Baby’s Worship

  1. There is something so sweet and tender about little baby piggies!  His chubby little legs are so cute!  I love babies and the innocence they bring.  Their pure delight is such simple things!  Thanks for reminding me of this!

  2.  I love pictures of feet in the sand especially little baby ones!  I have many fond memories of worship at the beach when I was in high school.  We lived in Arizona so we could drive 6 hours and be near the ocean.  We actually sang I Love you Lord many times. It brings me joy and peace just thinking about it. 

  3. Me too, Marisa. I Love You Lord is one of those songs that is a "me-classic." It comes to mind often and has helped focus me back toward Jesus more times than I can count. 🙂 And this moment with my son was such a precious time.

  4. What a beautiful story of worship through the blessing and sweetness of your little boy and the gorgeous surroundings. I often find a worship experience through my music when I'm running. I listen to contemporary worship music and christian rock. The music just inspires me and I can feel God speaking to my soul. The other time I feel that similar experience is when it's super quiet and I'm watching one of my children sleep. The peacefulness of their breathing just takes me away. Love your blog!Rosann

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